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Every package which leaves our factory is fully tested and analyzed so it is easy for your customers to use and it is best for storing your product for longer periods of time without any changes to the product.

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Inquiry is the initial step of everything. It is the most important step from idea to realization. Tell us what you want as much and detailed as possible.



After collecting all your requirements, we start making the sample for your approval. We might make a mock-up sample for construction approval before making samples with full features.



This step means everything is double checked and prepared for the products. now workers start production which is under constant supervising by our engineers.

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Our main products are Rigid Boxes, Paper Tube Boxes(Round Boxes), Corrugated Paper Boxes, Folding Cartons,etc.

Do you have any inquiries concerning our different items and administrations? Then, at that point, call us or reach us by email – an individual from our administration group will reach out to you at the earliest opportunity!


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Why Get Dongguan Caicheng Printing Factory for Your Rigid Box Packaging

Are you looking for excellent rigid boxes for your premium products? Fantastic packaging makes sure that you can give customers an incredible lasting impression of your products. After all, the packaging is the very first thing they see, so it’s only necessary that you give importance to your product’s packaging.

And with Dongguan Caicheng Printing Factory Ltd., you can get high-end quality packaging for your high-end products. But before anything else, here are reasons why a rigid box might be the ideal packaging solution for your business.

Why Choose Rigid Box Packaging for Your Products

So, why opt for rigid boxes for your products? There are plenty of reasons why many businesses, particularly luxury brands, favor this type of packaging. But here are the top reasons why many clients highly prefer rigid boxes. Here they are:

  1. Entices customers to check out your products

Products packed in rigid boxes are genuinely satisfying to look at. Besides, their unique and stunning designs effortlessly scream luxury and style. And with a thoughtfully crafted rigid box for your goods, you can better entice your customers to check out your products.

If the packaging truly entices them, they will even pick your product up and further inspect it. And if your product can establish a strong impact, they will likely buy your product. Of course, achieving this means partnering with a reputed packaging company. After all, an expert packaging business should do a marvelous job of enhancing your product’s key features.

  1. Is a suitable option for presenting and displaying items

Rigid boxes come with stylish paddings, silk coverings, and other luxurious components that add an extra splash of elegance to luxury goods. Due to that, it’s no surprise why opened rigid boxes are suitable choices for presenting and displaying several goods. And yes, these ornate displays contribute to creating an emotional bond towards consumers.

  1. Provides plenty of opportunities for customization

The construction of premium rigid box packaging welcomes a myriad of design opportunities. Due to that, you can easily incorporate different materials like wood, silk, leather, velvet, etc. And other than your business’ product name and logo, you can also print many custom designs onto your rigid box packaging. Basically, the possibilities of a rigid box’s design are endless.

  1. Does a good job in protecting your products

A rigid box’s lovely and luxurious designs aren’t just their only striking characteristics. In addition, its sturdy, high-quality materials also make sure that your products are safely packed and protected from any damage. Some rigid boxes even come with soft padding or other protective inserts for extra protection.

So, are you convinced that rigid boxes are truly what your products need? If you’re decided on this specific packaging for your goods, here’s why you should get in touch with an exceptional rigid box supplier like Dongguan Caicheng Printing Factory below.

Choose from a Wide Variety of Rigid Box Options

Packaging is easily a good way of enticing your customers to purchase your products. Considering that, it’s important to have plenty of options to choose from. This ensures that you get to choose the most appropriate packaging option for your products.

Lucky for you, Dongguan Caicheng Printing Factory offers a wide variety of rigid box options made for multiple purposes. Here they are:

  • One-piece rigid boxes
  • Partial cover lid packaging
  • Two-piece rigid boxes
  • Book-style rigid box packaging
  • Shoulder-and-neck rigid box packaging
  • Rigid setup packaging
  • Magnetic rigid boxes
  • Collapsible magnetic rigid box packaging
  • Rigid drawer boxes
  • Circle boxes

And if your preferred rigid box type is not in the list above, you can always get unique custom-shaped rigid boxes manufactured. That way, you can better express your product’s branding through beautiful custom-made rigid boxes, adding more value to your product.

Make Your Product Look A Cut Above the Rest

Aside from having multiple rigid box options at bay, you can also have your packaging customized to ultimately reflect your brand’s expression. After all, well-designed packaging is another sure way of making your products a cut above the rest. And with exciting packaging to match your great products, your customers will be even more thrilled to get their hands on them.

In addition, thoughtfully designed packaging also adds that element of theater in unpacking your products. For instance, luxury designs should provide hints that there’s something special inside.

So, whether you want simplistic designs, iconic styles, and even have custom artwork involved, Dongguan Caicheng Printing Factory is here to listen to your needs and wants. Simply have your specifications sent to the production team, and they will make sure that all your expectations are met.

Get Cost-Efficient and Impeccable Packaging

Impeccable packaging doesn’t necessarily have to dent your business’ total budget. Fortunately, your funds won’t have to hurt if you decide to have your rigid boxes supplied from Dongguan Caicheng Printing Factory. After all, the team takes pride in producing exceptional but reasonably priced products.

Thanks to the manufacturing team’s extensive knowledge in creating these products, you can be assured that every penny of yours is counted during the manufacturing process. Overall, it’s safe to say that Dongguan Caicheng Printing Factory will provide cost-efficient packaging that meets your needs.

A Reliable Partner with a Meticulous Production Process

Dongguan Caicheng Printing Factory’s creation process makes sure that their products are only of impeccable quality. Aside from owning high-end facilities, the company’s production process involves six meticulous processes in creating packaging products. These steps include the following procedures:

  • Inquiring process: The production process starts with you reaching out to us. This is where you send an inquiry regarding your ideas and requirements for your preferred packaging. After checking out your inquiry, the team will give you an offer, including details such as pricing, solution, and the like.
  • Sampling: If you’d like to push through with the offer, the team will now ask for your requirements. These requirements are needed to create a mock-up sample of your rigid box. You are welcome to make suggestions or changes to the model in this stage.
  • Planning: Once the final sample gets approved, the crew will start planning the production of your rigid box packaging.
  • Preparations: This stage entails sourcing the necessary materials to create your product. The needed equipment and tools will also be prepared during this step.
  • Strategizing process: In this part, the team’s supervisors will start laying out the strategies involved in creating your product. Doing minor changes are allowed in this step.
  • Production process: Once everything is dutifully inspected, the production of your goods will now begin. Higher-ups will constantly supervise the production process to make sure no lapses are being made.

Moreover, rest assured that all packages produced undergo complete testing and analysis before being delivered to clients. This makes sure that the packaging produced can efficiently store your goods for extended periods without affecting their quality.

Your Feedback Matters the Most

While carefully executed processes and up-to-date facilities guarantee high-quality results, your feedback is still crucial when it comes to assuring your satisfaction. Having said that, you will definitely be involved in all steps, ensuring that your feedback is always considered throughout the production process.

So, if you want to implement some changes in the middle of the production period, feel free to tell the production team about them. They will gladly welcome your feedback and make the necessary alterations towards the development of your packaging.

Get Custom Minimum Order Quantities for Your Orders

Are you worried that you have a low minimum order quantity and won’t be accommodated? No need to worry because Dongguan Caicheng Printing Factory accommodates all order sizes from clients. So, it doesn’t matter if you’re ordering huge batches or small quantities. No matter what the case may be, Dongguan Caicheng Printing Factory will professionally handle your order.

Quick Delivery Guaranteed

Do you need to get your hands on high-quality packaging as soon as possible? Every business is well-aware of how time is vital in various business projects. With that said, Dongguan Caicheng Printing Factory guarantees fast delivery times, ensuring that your orders are delivered to you as scheduled.

And even during limited timeframes, you can also expect quick turnaround times from the production team. Thanks to the company’s state-of-the-art machinery and their knowledgeable team, you can still expect premium packaging, even under tight schedules.

Get in Touch with Dongguan Caicheng Printing Factory Now for Premium Packaging Solutions

Everyone likes to say that first impressions are lasting impressions. And in the competitive world of marketing, your product’s packaging is made of breaks your product in terms of first impressions. Considering that, you should definitely give as much importance in terms your good’s packaging.

Besides, your amazing products will gain more appeal and positive first impressions from your customers with excellent packaging. So, get in touch with a great supplier like Dongguan Caicheng Printing Factory to significantly enhance your products with premium packaging!

With abundant choices for rigid boxes, neat options for customization, cost-efficient packaging solutions, and quick turnaround times, you surely won’t regret having Dongguan Caicheng Printing Factory as your rigid box supplier.

About Dongguan Caicheng Printing Factory

Dongguan Caicheng Printing Factory is a leader in manufacturing rigid boxes headquartered in Dongguan City, China. Max Bright has been serving multiple worldwide markets since 2004. And since their date of establishment, they have satisfied more than 300 customers located in 48 different countries.

Besides producing premium rigid box packaging, their other main products include round boxes, corrugated paper box packaging, and tin boxes. Furthermore, the top-class inspection company Intertek also verified this packaging business.